Welcome to ESCAB Enterprises of Gaithersburg Maryland, your professional cleaning & building maintenance specialist. Since 1998 we have been providing full service building cleaning and maintenance for the Maryland, Washington D.C., and Virginia areas. Our customers rely on our extremely knowledgeable and experienced team to do the job right. It’s important for us to provide excellent service, at prices our customers can afford. A clean building makes the best impression.

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  • Medical Facilities
  • Government Buildings
  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Corporate Headquarters
  • Convention Centers
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  • Malls
  • Industrial/Warehouses
Licensed, Bonded and Fully-Insured Looking for a Reliable Company to Handle Your Cleaning and Maintenance? Call 301-417-7048 to see what Escab can do for you!

ESCAB Enterprises Inc. is proud of its reputation for its highly trained employees in state-of-the art industry and environmental cleaning standards. ESCAB has a reputation for providing quality and professional services. Due to our service of high level government facilities, all of our employees have gone through background checks, and exhibit confidentiality and customer service response training.

If you want quality and professional service, competitive pricing, and an honest hardworking crew, you came to the right place. Need our services on a daily, weekly, monthly, as-needed, or as a yearly contract, ESCAB Enterprises, Inc. is the only company for the job!

9007 Shady Grove Court
Gaithersburg, MD 20877
Phone: 301.417.7048
Toll Free: 866.417.7048
Fax: 301.417.7069

Why choose ESCAB?

When you choose to contract your cleaning services, it means a few things. You need a company you can trust to do the work, to provide you with all of the services your facility will need, and can be relied upon to be professional, courteous, and efficient.

ESCAB Enterprises, Inc. will provide you with all of the above and much more! We are the contractor that property managers love to work with, because we get the job done RIGHT!

Better Service, Better Prices!

When it comes to choosing a facilities contractor, we know you’re looking for the best service at the best price. Because of our high standards in training and the way our programs are managed, we provide our clients with a more progressive approach to cleaning. Through our knowledge in the cleaning field, we know what schedules will work best for your facility. We work hard at being cost effective for our customers every step of the way.

A Clean Building Makes the Best Impression.

First impressions count! When you enter a building, when you’re riding in an elevator, or when you walk through the hallways and corridors of a building, you notice when it’s clean. ESCAB Enterprises, Inc. knows a clean building makes the best impression, and we make sure everyone from corporate CEO’s to the delivery person feels good when walking through your facility.

Security and Confidentially

ESCAB Enterprises Inc. is proud of its reputation for being highly trustworthy. Because we service high-level government facilities, all of our employees have gone through background checks, security clearances and confidentiality training. They are required to wear uniforms with our company logo and carry company identification at all times while on our clients’ premises. They are trained to act professionally at all times.

Facilities Serviced

Services Offered


ESCAB Enterprises is bonded and insured.

We operate within the following Standard Industrial Classifications:

We participate in the Small Business Administration (SBA) and are certified as an 8(a) company.

Making ESCAB Enterprises, Inc. your service contractor is the best choice you can make. Our customers know we are there to do our job so they can do theirs. We’ve created a first rate reputation in the commercial, corporate and government marketplace as a provider of value0minded, top quality cleaning service to all of our clients. Our work is highly respected and it shows in the buildings we take care of as well as in our staff.

We will prepare a customized cleaning program for your facility. We ensure that corporate quality standards are maintained and the program is complaint with the contract specifications. We have the experience, management skills, and training programs in place to assure the best quality performance.

About Us

Since 1998 ESCAB Enterprises, Inc has provided full service building cleaning and maintenance in the Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia areas.

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ESCAB Enterprises, Inc.

9007 Shady Grove Court
Gaithersburg, Maryland 20877

Phone: 301-417-7048

Toll Free: 866-417-7048

Fax: 301-417-7069

Email: info@escab.com

Website: Escab.com

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